Dedicated to the arts in South Africa and throughout the African continent




To be the connection for artists and creative organisations, influencing and impacting the platforms of Lobbying and Industry Rights. 


A leading, independent and forward thinking African organisation that is relevant and visible on policy issues within the Creative Arts Industry


To provide an amplified voice in advancing members of the Arts Community:


To be a robust and engaged voice for the Arts, driving and responding to legislation


Create opportunities for local and regional artists to explore connections through platforms such as the ANSA ArtOut events


Be a credible partner through policy development


To drive a regional agenda for Southern Africa, connecting young artists.


“Regional integration will play a vital role in the growth & advancement of the creative industries in Africa.”

Lonwabo Mavuso  |  Chairperson


Our Story

Arterial Network

Since its establishment in March 2007, Arterial Network has grown to become one of the largest intercultural networks on the continent. Arterial Network is represented across the continent through national chapters, local partner organizations and members, making it a leading African driven, cultural organization.

Arterial Network's membership structure and mass base enables its members to engage with all aspects of the creative sector across disciplines, borders and regions to build more connectivity across the continent, catalyze collaborative opportunities and address key challenges at continental levels with a long-term commitment to sustained change.

Arterial Network holds consultative status with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and is frequently called upon by various bodies in the public, private and non-profit sectors for advice and consultation on matters related to the arts, culture and development. Arterial Network plays a key role in driving the African arts and culture agenda on regional, continental and global platforms.

Arterial Network South Africa

Arterial Network South Africa is the South African chapter of Arterial Network. Connecting with Arts, Cultural and Heritage associates, Arterial Network South Africa – as a representative of the continent in SA, provides direction and multi-disciplinary thought leadership, for the sector to be empowered and operate with confidence. 


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