Arterial Network Publications

Below are free to download toolkits, publications and research reports developed by Arterial Network. Some hard copies are available, to get your copy please contact us.

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Arts advocacy toolkit

This Advocacy and Networking Toolkit provides information on what networking, advocacy and lobbying for the arts is actually all about, with examples (some drawn actual case studies and others created to illustrate the paint) of how collaboration can positively and professionally draw attention to these issues that concern artists and cultural workers. Information on how to structure a network and develop a campaign of action is supported with examples and tips for efficient planning and implementation. Samples of a constitution, a formal letter, a petition and a budget and action plan for launching a campaign are also provided. 



The aims of this arts marketing toolkit are two-fold:

1. To provide African artists, cultural NGOs, creative companies and arts events with tools, resources and strategies to market their work more effectively within their countries and regions, and

2. To facilitate networking among those active in the African creative sector, in order to regularly share successful arts marketing practices.

There are many arts marketing manuals and materials from other continents. This toolkit tries to take into account the highly varied conditions on the continent and to provide case studies of successful marketing strategies for the African creative sector.

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Arts Fundraising Toolkit

This Arts Fundraising Toolkit is one of a series of three developed to offer practical tools towards strengthening resources in civil society arts organisations throughout Africa. The other two are concerned with Marketing for the Arts and Advocacy and Networking for the Arts.


Festivals Best Practice Toolkit

This Afrifestnet publication was conducted with the support of 28 African festivals directors who contributed their experiences and learnings to the research lead by Peter Rorvik, AN Secretary General. The project was funded by the British Council, and managed by the Afrifestnet Steering Committee. The objective with this first toolkit is to contribute to the strengthening and the planning of the organizational processes of festivals in Africa. 

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Project Management Toolkit

Project Management is a professional career for people who have the passion, personality type, drive and the expertise to thrive in the project management environment. It is also something that every person is confronted with at some stage of his or her life.

Everyone has to organise a birthday party or a function of some kind. Project management is more part of one's daily life than we realise or even think of. The basic principles of project management can be applied in organising Sunday Lunch for a family gathering, managing the school drama competition, organising a national arts festival and building a bridge! This toolkit contains the practical guidelines for a best practice of Project Management..

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African cultural index framework

The process of measuring and monitoring whether or not the environment for arts and culture is conducive to the development of arts and culture in African countries is a major question on the continent. This paper presents a theoretical framework for an African Arts and Culture Index which will guide the formulation of various cultural indicators in an effort to tackle this question. This is done paying particular attention to the various realities that characterise the African continent, from political, economic and social situations. Drawing from literature on measuring arts and culture written by various scholars, it notes that the process of monitoring and measuring the development of arts and culture involves the use of various indicators that revolve around cultural policies, cultural rights and sustainability. It also reviews other indices and considers efforts aimed at measuring arts and culture across the world.